The Roommate Diaries – Sergei

13/3/17 – Have you ever been woken up by a sound and not been sure what it is? The confusion through your half asleep eyes can be very disorientating.

Weeellll, that was this morning. There was a scream, a very loud and long scream, followed by whimpering and various broken bits of speech – not sure which language, again, disorientated.

I thought something was wrong but then I thought the whimpering was laughter.

I got up to investigate.

Nope, no laughter. She was sitting on her bed with her feet pulled as close as possible, looking a bit hysterical.

Aino had been greeted first thing when she entered the kitchen by our new flatmate, who we have since named Sergei.

I wasn’t too concerned, I have lived with more before but alas, in your new home it would have been nice of him to at least come to the front door.

The girls in the office were horrified and took Aino’s description of him to be more than a mouse.. I’m not even saying the word, because he is Sergei, and Sergei is a lovely little mouse.

A close friend of Mickeys!

We haven’t heard much more from poor Sergei since –  I think Aino’s scream gave him mixed signals.

We wait.


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