The Roommate Diaries – Sauna

14/3/17- Aino has been talking about the tradition of public saunas since we arrived. She asked our mentor about them, and as thorough as ever Olia got back to her with a NINE PAGE document, I did say thorough.

Anyway with all this info she failed to mention the most vital of details, which Aino so merrily informed me… queue hilarity and pure fear!

“Public Sauna”, I assumed we’d be wearing swimsuits.. Nope.

She explained that it would be women only and tried to plamás me. We discussed it for a while then she showed me a video of a public sauna back home in Finland where it’s literally out in the open, in the sea, in the city.

Suddenly the public women’s-only-hours-indoor sauna was sounding much more appealing.

So we carry on reading this document and come across “Have you already bought your bath besoms?” I understandably have a confused face, Aino begins to laugh again, a knowing laugh – never a good sign.

These “besoms” are basically branches (with thorns probably, let’s just add to the madness of it all!). One is strongly beaten with said “besoms” either by oneself or one can be beaten by multiple others..

Yeah, think you’re fighting a losing battle here Aino! I may have to leave this part of the culture just to you!

Valiant effort though.


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