Krivichi is a place that has taken me by surprise and with me, a piece of my heart. It is a closed institution for young boys (12- 18) in conflict with the law. The boys spend between 3 months and 2 years here. World Without Borders travels annually to host a camp in the institution... Continue Reading →

Dreams Come True

"The Festival" It was always mentioned in conversations. It was the biggest, brightest marked event on the office calendar. I had seen the photos from last year's, I had heard all the fan fair but nothing could prepare you for the magic. We hit the road at 6am on the Thursday morning, running on 1.5... Continue Reading →

Youth Gathering 3/17

Last week our host organisation World Without Borders held a youth gathering for teenagers in closed institutions. There was a group from each of the four institutions in Belarus and also from the social pedigogical centre. I didn’t know what the few days were going to have in store for us. It was our first... Continue Reading →


Let’s get the logistics and other details out of the way first. We travelled with Solo East Travel (the crowd that did the Top Gear special). A day trip can cost between €70 and €100. We met at 8am in Kiev and got home just before 8pm. Yeah, it’s not cheap but it’s a full... Continue Reading →


Our main project while in Belarus on our EVS is to help with the ‘Youth in conflict with the law’ works of World Without Boarders. This is working with teenagers who are in closed institutions for minor crimes. There’s no direct translation for words we would use but these institutions are somewhere between a boarding... Continue Reading →

The Roommate Diaries – Sauna

14/3/17- Aino has been talking about the tradition of public saunas since we arrived. She asked our mentor about them, and as thorough as ever Olia got back to her with a NINE PAGE document, I did say thorough. Anyway with all this info she failed to mention the most vital of details, which Aino... Continue Reading →

The Roommate Diaries – Sergei

13/3/17 – Have you ever been woken up by a sound and not been sure what it is? The confusion through your half asleep eyes can be very disorientating. Weeellll, that was this morning. There was a scream, a very loud and long scream, followed by whimpering and various broken bits of speech – not... Continue Reading →

Women’s Day

I didn’t expect this to be my first post, I thought it might have been a ‘settling into city life’, or ‘first impressions’ kind of a post. I had an amazing week and met some fantastic people but there’s almost too many stories to tell and I want to do them justice. These are just... Continue Reading →

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